175 Multi Function Floor Machine 13

The machine is equipped with a water filtration-steam seperator device, without dustisolation loss,reduce the long-term use of the cost of users,moer effective interception of fine dust,the head of the air cleaner.
Designed for home,school and other high-end cleaning.Effective from the invisible mites,bacteria.Thorough isolating,refused to second pollution.
When cleaning the barrel of sewage poured directly,simply rinse,no need to ciean dust,no dust.
Dust can be synchronized to absorb water,and then do not need to disassemble the dust screen.

Technical Data:
Function: wet and dry
Capacity: 15L
Power: 1000W
Voltage: 220~240V
Height: 55cm
Tank diameter: 345mm
Mode of cooling: Circulating air cooling
Air flow rate: 48L/S
Vacuum suction: 210mbar
Cable: 7m
Hose diameter: 36mm
Packing: 430*430*600mm
Net weight: 12.5kg
Gross weight: 14.2kg
Colour: Red,Yellow,Blue

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